Logos on a Budget!

How to get a logo that:

  • You will love that you get to select and develop from a vast selection of options!

  • That others will love! (Especially your customers!)

  • Will provide a base to build your brand & business.

All possible on a budget of well under £300.

Inside, You will discover:

A self-paced video course with downloads,  updates and lifetime access.

How the competitions work from idea to transferring the final logo files, including key tactics that will have a flow of designers wanting to work with you.

Steps to create & walk away with your bespoke design brief that will inspire designers to do their best work.

How to work out what you want in the logo, even if you have no idea right now!

Learn exactly how to communicate with designers to help them create a logo that is everything you need & want.

Know how to select a winning logo that you'll love, plus what you need to get to make sure you'll be able to use effectively. 

About the Creator: Beth Hale

Beth believes you need to be connected. To your audience, your business, your career, your dreams & most importantly to you. This is the premise on which she founded Craving Connections. Whilst her clients call her the ‘queen of clarity’ Beth prefers to refer to it as helping people join all the dots together to work out what you want, what you need and how to get it!


She works with smart and passionate entrepreneurs as a coach and trainer to ensure they have the strategy, visibility, tools, skills and know how to turn their ideas into reality.  From working with massive entertainment brands to local charities she has a tested solution for almost every situation. More than that she has nailed how to show others how to use and build those solutions for themselves.

Did I mention an awesome extra of real life examples?!

Yes, inside I draw back the curtain!  You'll find final images of logos, how they changed and evolved along the way,  plus you get to see EXACT messages I shared with designers to get awesome results.

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