Rooftop Reflections

Different Latitude, Different Attitude.

Rooftop Reflections is for you if:

  • You don't know what you want to happen next.

  • You've forgotten how to dream. 

  • You've had enough of 'same stuff, different day'.

It's not just you.

On the surface everything seemed perfect. I was living the awesome London lifestyle - successful career, dream company, great friends, my own flat, amazing family, shiny car, lots of travelling but something didn't feel right. I couldn't put my finger on it.


All I knew was I was super lost. I was unhappy, I couldn't focus. I felt guilty. I felt like I was disappointing in every area and couldn't work out what to do next. Why, when I'd worked so hard for all this, was it not right?


I was stuck and couldn't fix it.


When I reached that revelation it was shocking. Fixing things was my gig! Seriously, anything that didn't work I would fix and I couldn't understand why I couldn't just fix this.


Jump forward to today, it took me a while to find my way, but now I have a life and business that I love.


I've built Rooftop Reflections for you because this is what I needed and couldn't find.


Something that didn't run on for weeks and months. Something that wasn't trying to fit me into some sort of mould, that wasn't going to cost thousands of pounds, that wasn't going to have me holding crystals or be massively awkward over a bad cup of coffee.


That is why I created Rooftop Reflections for you.

You'll leave with:


A new perspective

& clear vision.


Clear actions & next steps

bespoke to you.


The confidence that

you can do this. 

Ready to remember that you can dream

& they can come true?

How it works...

Together we sit with beverage in hand and overlook the exceptional London skyline.


We will look at your life, career, business, opportunities & London from a fresh perspective.


For a couple of hours everything will stop, you can breath & we'll find you some clarity.

How to get started...

Before committing your time & money let's double check this is right for you & that we're a good fit.


Click the 'get started' button to schedule your free call.


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Kind words from those who've worked with Beth:


I instantly felt so calm and reassured by Beth's relaxed and warm character.



Michelle Egan


Beth has a knack of seeing beneath the veneer but also in allowing you to shine through the tasks she sets. 


Yvonne Richards

I had a lovely session with Beth & she helped me to gain so much clarity on my idea. i was able to take away many action steps for turning my idea into reality.

Cecilia Yeung



Beth listens & remains fluid to adapt what she proposed based on what you most need.



Cat Archer Underwood

She has an outstanding ability to dig deeper to the heart of the matter, without it feeling intrusive or at all judgemental. Beth helped me to realise what i want in life, & to find the confidence in myself that I could achieve it!


Beth is awesome, smart, funny, informative & knowledgeable. My favourite thing was she totally allowed for me to be me - she gave me advice & guided me, but was not about changing me.


Lin Satori

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