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Logos on a Budget

Learn how to use and what to look out for in logo design competitions to

get a professional logo you & your ideal client will love,

without breaking the bank.

Logos on a Budget is perfect for you if...

  • 1

    You want to project a professional polished image. 

    DIY logos have their place, but are they drawing in you ideal client and really conveying what you want? Logos on a Budget will ensure you have the skills to get a logo that attracts your ideal client, without breaking the bank.

  • 2

    You want to move fast and effectively.

    Logos on Budget will save you time, short cutting your learning curve on how to use design competition sites and improving how you can communicate with designers to get the look you want.

  • 3

    You want great designers fighting to work with you.

    The more popular you are the more design options you get. Designers love working with clients who are able to communicate in a way they understand. Using the techniques and language shared in Logos on a Budget you'll have designers falling over themselves to work with you.

  • 4

    You want to know exactly what to expect from a design competition.

    Design competition sites, like 99designs, can be overwhelming. Logos on a Budget will quickly and clearly break down the journey, allowing you to know every step of the process before you even get started.

  • 5

    You want to know you make the right final choice on your logo.

    The final decision isn't always the easy bit! Logos on a Budget will walk you through how to pick a winner that will attract the people you want and be easy for you to use. (Plus make sure you know what files and extras you need!)

Here's what you'll get...

An efficient quick course built in bite sized modules that walk you through the design competition process, 

step by step, to get you exactly what you want.


A full overview taking you from A-Z, so you know exactly what to expect.


How to set the tone for everything, even if you're not sure what you want.


What to do when the designs start coming in.


How to share feedback and help your designers refine the designs.


Everything you need to consider and test to ensure your best final logo.


All the last steps to securing your logo including any various and files needed.

About Beth

Beth Hale is a business owner, coach and trainer from London. In 2016, Beth surprised herself and her coworkers by leaving the job she’d always wanted, working for The Walt Disney Company.


Having taken a carefully considered leap into the unknown, and finding it curiously refreshing, Beth knew she could help others do the same. So, she started coaching a growing client base of startup entrepreneurs and Third Sector professionals.


After years of creating and delivering training across UK, Europe and the USA, online and in person, for Disney and other big names Beth decided to use this skill to help her clients through online courses and workshops.

Get to see behind the curtain...

In addition to learning how to do it for yourself,

you'll get to see previous real life examples and conversations with designers.

Clarity Brief

Answer these ten quick questions and  designers will know what you need.

Real Life Examples

Explore other logos and how they were developed using this method.

Actual Messages

Read the exact messages I used with designers to get excellent results.


Within days, I had a beautiful and effective professional logo and business card that immediately began helping me attract my ideal clients.

Beth helped turn my vision into a beautifully designed, web-based reality.

Beth has many skills & experiences - I honestly think she'd have a technique up her sleeve for every single component of running & promoting yourself or your business!

I instantly felt so calm and reassured by Beth's relaxed and warm character.

Beth also shared so many tips, strategies, and ideas for how to work with the designers to get exactly what I wanted.

It was like having Beth Hale sit next to me and share her expertise and years of experience, as she walked me step by step through the process, start to finish.

This quick course demystified the process of getting a professional logo and eliminated the overwhelm.

Beth is warm, approachable & highly talented in many different areas of running a business.

I have known Beth for years and she has been an inspiration and an expert guide to helping me run my business. Let her be your guide. You won’t regret it.

Start today! Choose your way...

Are you an independent soul who is ready to just crack on through and get it done?

Or would you like to have someone on standby for some input along the way?

Or maybe make the most of the opportunity for some bonus coaching?

It's your choice, whatever your decision you're covered!

Get instant access now:





  • Logos on a Budget Course





  • Logos on a Budget Course

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  • Logos on a Budget Course

  • Messenger Access to Beth*

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* Do you know you're someone who likes a second opinion or think you might just want that extra bit of support? This will give you 24/7 messenger access with Beth to ask anything along the way.

Your messages will be replied to ASAP (the longest it will ever take is 24 hours.) 

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